Six Easy and Affordable Ways to Update your Fall Wardrobe for 2010

If you are low on cash you need not worry for this year you need not overhaul your wardrobe to look trendy in fall. By playing around with your existing clothes and adding a few key pieces to your wardrobe you will be able to look classy and trendy while also being comfortable.

One essential to include in your fall wardrobe is a headband. This will not cost you a lot; ideally you should be able to get something trendy for a few dollars. Knitted headbands are extremely popular however you may want to consider other styles like beads, crystals and feathers as they are very popular.

Buy bands that match your outfits. Those that are a few inches thick are great as you can use them to cover your ears when the wind gets cold.

Add some animal prints to your fall collection. This year animal prints are creeping into stores and you may want to get in on the action too. If wearing a sweater or a dress in the print is not appealing then you can consider a scarf, belt or even a purse in this print. If you choose to wear the print in leather then snakeskin or leopard prints is a good idea.

You need to have one essential pair of shoes in your collection to take you through the entire season. Ideally a pair of knee high boots will keep you warm and comfortable in fall and you can wear the shoes even in winter; however if you are not keen on wearing boots then wedges or suede pumps are a good option.

One essential for your wardrobe is to invest in hosiery. For a small amount of money you could get pantyhose stocking in different colors and with trendy prints on them. It would be wise to purchase a few pairs in different shades, hues and prints.

A satchel style handbag is the last and most popular item to invest in for this season. Mix and match this handbag to give you a vintage look and avoid looking like a fashion victim.

Don on a faux fur hat or vest or a handbag and you are ready to step out in style. These are few of the essentials to look out for when you are shopping for your fall outfits.