Situations Where You’d Better Walk Out

girlfriend Compared with men, most women are more willing to keep their marriage going. However, there are times and situations in which a woman has no option but to seek a divorce. Here are some instances that compel a woman to make an exit from her marriage.

An abusive partner

This is the number one reason why women go in for a divorce. Their partner may be emotionally or physically abusing them, and worst of all he may not be willing to change his ways or undergo treatment to change his abusive tendencies. In such circumstances, the fear of physical danger is always looming around the woman.

If an abusive partner is unwilling to change his habits, continuing the relationship can prove detrimental to the well being of the woman. And so, even the most conservative of societies feel a divorce in such a situation is quite justified.


No woman can live happily when she knows that her husband is seeing another woman, and the strong feelings of infidelity wheedle her to walk out of her marriage. However, in certain situations a woman may be ready to forgive and forget if the offense is not too serious. If latter is the case, the couple may have to take a long and hard road to recovery before completely ruling out divorce. But by and large, her husband’s serious affairs outside of their marriage or his repeated acts of adultery may not be pardonable.

Feeling dejected

When a woman feels, that she is no more needed than the usual housekeeper or a sex slave, she may decide to call off her marriage. That seems quite reasonable, because when a woman works hard to keep her family running smoothly she definitely deserves to be loved, appreciated and thanked for her efforts.

When a woman finds that her presence is not acknowledged by her husband, she feels dejected, frustrated and depressed. These feelings creep in slowly and start growing, till finally they are ready to explode one day. And that’s the day that marks the end of the marriage.

Apart from these, several other reasons that coax a woman to leave a marriage could be a disagreement on children related issues, problems with in-laws, conflict of personal beliefs, financial reasons or a deeper interest in some other man.

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Sidharth Thakur