Single woman adopting a child


Two decades back, it was impossible for any single women to adopt and raise a child, with the legal setup posing as a major hurdle. However some changes in law, carried out during these past two decades, have allowed singles to adopt children provided they prove themselves to be capable of raising children independently. And even though, it’s legally allowed, it may not be easy for you to adopt a child if you are single. Here are some of the hurdles you will face, as a single woman, when you decide to adopt a child.

Family opposition

Your family and your friends will be the first ones to object to your adoption decision. Most of the people around you will warn you about how difficult it is to raise a child all by yourself and that you’d rather search for a partner then go in for a child adoption. But this front will calm down and rather start helping you out once you adopt a child. Still be prepared to face this initial opposition and be prepared to convince your dear ones that you are capable of handling this kind of a responsibility.

Adoption agencies

Every adoption agency has its peculiar norms and requirements, which govern each and every adoption. And if you want to adopt a child you will have to go by the procedures and comply with these regulations. The agencies are concerned about the child’s wellbeing, and may thus ask you to declare your financials to them. Financial and moral security, are the most important criteria on which it is decided whether you can be allowed to adopt a child or not. The agencies will make checks about you reputation and your financial fitness, before they allow you to adopt a child thought their agency.

Your parenting abilities

Every one, right from your family to the child’s family and the adoption agency as well as the adoption lawyer will want to check on your parenting abilities before you are given the custody of the child. You need to have well planned out finances for the child’s education and future needs, a stable source of income, a stable mind, a suitable residence and a good moral track record. You will be interviewed many times by different concerned people to check if you are capable of taking on complete responsibilities of a child.
So if you are single, and are planning on adopting a child, then you’d better get serious about it and organize things well in advance so that your adoption application doesn’t get rejected.

Sidharth Thakur