Single Parenting Tips

Sharing is caring and responsibilities seem less taxing if you have someone to share them with.

Be it changing nappies or taking a nap while your partner is playing with your child, you would want someone to help you out at every stage when bringing up a child.

But single parents don’t have that ‘someone’ and every single responsibility from earning for the family to dropping the kids to the school through to helping them with their school projects needs to be carried out alone.

Some times this loneliness might get to you and some times it might make you feel more independent and liberated. No matter how you feel, remember don’t blame yourself or sink into self pity; you are raising a family which is unique and different to other them up with lots of warmth and love.

Besides doing that, following childcare tips can help you to handle the overwhelming responsibilities of single parenting without burning yourself out:

1) You are just a human: When you become a single parent, you suddenly feel you have transformed into a super-human. Getting up early in the morning, making healthy breakfast and then convincing those fussy eaters to eat that healthy breakfast.

Getting them ready for school or daycare,dropping them and then going to work and then coming home tired in the evening, preparing dinner and then patiently talking to your children until it’s their bedtime – may all seem like too much for a day’s work.

Add to that, financial pressures, worry of keeping your children away from bad company and nosy neighbors or relatives and you will feel you have metamorphosed into a super human. But you are just a human and you need to share your problems or take a break whenever you feel too exhausted.

2) You deserve a break: Single parents’ world often revolves around their children and they give all their free time to their children. Many single parents feel guilty whenever they go clubbing or on a date.

Living your child alone for a few hours is not only good for you but also important for a healthy relationship between you and your children. This break is well-deserved and necessary to keep you sane and healthy for a long time. So next time you decide to have some ‘me-time’, don’t let guilt spoil your special few moments with yourself.

3) Find a role model for your child: In absence of a partner, most single parents find it very important for their children to have a role model.

This role model can be your child’s god parent, a kind school teacher, an influential neighbor or anybody with whom you child is in close contact with.This will keep your child differentiate between good and bad and at least lessen one worry for you.


A writer and a single mother, juggling to be the best at both worlds. Want to do a lot with life - set up my own business, write a book, own a 5-bhk pent house, get an award for something and give all the happiness in the world to my daughter.