Simples Ways To Make Your Baby Sleep

This is another hurdle that parents have to pass that makes bringing up  a child, especially a baby, a herculean task. For years, new parents have had trouble putting their child to sleep, while waking up all night trying everything to make them drowsy.

But here are some simple tricks and tips to help you get rid of sleeplessness in children, especially the new born babies. First of all, do not force them to sleep. This is one of the biggest mistakes parents do that agitates the babies even more. Let them sleep naturally when they really feel drowsy. Now how do you make them drowsy? You can start by teaching them the difference between day and night.

Make sure the environment around the baby has a stark difference between day and night. Keep your house as bright and lively as possible during the day and then bring it down a notch during night. Keep the lights dim and also lessen the activities at night which will let the child understand that each day has two portions of day and night.

Try to have a bunch of pre-bedtime activities to lull the baby to sleep. This can include many things that will make the baby sleepy. If your baby is old enough to eat more than one kind of food, feed the child with food that will make them sleepy. Yogurt usually does the trick. You can also try giving the baby a lukewarm bath and make them feel as cozy and warm as possible which will add on to the drowsiness.

Singing lullaby or playing soft soothing music is another option you can go for. Make sure what you baby sleeps on is comfortable and soft enough. Cozy surroundings will naturally put the baby to sleep. Make sure the baby is neither too hot nor too cold when they’re sleeping. If the baby does not want to use the blanket, don’t force him to wear one. You can always place the blanket on them once they are asleep.

Another important thing that you need to remember is that when your child starts crying as soon as you put them down in the bad, don’t pick them up but instead, try to soothe them while making sure that they are still in bed. Give yourself some time to learn and understand what makes them sleepy and what doesn’t.