Simple Tips for Healthy Lips

Do you covet Angelina Jolie’s pout? Well, she’s got healthy lips. Not only are they plump they are a healthy shade of pink that look fabulous with her complexion. Don’t be sad if you don’t have pink lips.The color of your lips depends on the amount of melanin and this differs according to your skin tone. Lips are one organ on the body that does not have oil glands and thus they are prone to getting dry and showing cracks on the surface. This looks unhealthy and dull and in order to prevent them from getting dry you need to have a routine in place.

Always keep your lips well hydrated and moisturized. If your lips are not moisturized they will crack and if the cracks are deep then it may also lead to some amount of bleeding. Use lip balm on your lips daily; this is not an essential only during winter. You can also massage your pile with olive oil or almond oil before you go to bed at night. The oils will add hydration to the skin and moisturize it and make them soft.

Avoid licking your lips even if they get dry. Instead use a cream of lip balm to moisturize them.

It is important to exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dead skin. This can be done in the shower. When your lips are wet use a toothbrush on them and gently massage them. You will notice the dead skin forming flakes, wipe it with a damp cloth.

Women who use lipstick need to choose those products that contain moisturizers and SPF. The moisturizers will hydrate your skin while the SPF protects the skin from sun damage.

You need to spend 3 minutes on a lip care routine before you go to bed at night. Start by dipping a wash cloth in warm water and wiping your lips to get rid of all the dirt and food and oil that clings to your lips. After this massage your lips with a toothbrush. Now, us a lip balm or Aloe Vera gel on your lips to hydrate them. This routine will increase the moisture in your skin and prevent the skin from getting damaged.

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