Simple Basic Clothing Styles for Women – Staples that Every Woman needs in her Closet

Fashion changes every season and trends dissolve almost as quickly as they emerge.However there are certain staples that a woman can’t do without and must keep in her closet.

The quality and the price of these staples may differ depending on your budget and your lifestyle.

You can buy your staples at high end stores or in departmental stores; however you need to find clothes that suit your style and those that you are comfortable in.

Jeans and shirts

This is one of the most important staples in your closet. You need to have a pair of well fitted jeans that you can wear to any occasion by dressing it up or down. A fitted shirt is a must. It need not necessarily be white but you can have your choice of shirts here.

A button down shirt is ideal as you can dress it up or down with the right accessories. With a belt and some classy accessories you will be able to wear this outfit for a business meeting or a casual lunch with your friends.

For a dressed down look roll up your pant legs & sleeves, and un-button a few buttons of your skirt; wear a bikini underneath, and you are ready for the beach.

Shift dresses

A shift dress looks fashionable and can be worn on any occasion; that’s why it has gained in importance, as a closet staple. A shift dress can be worn to the office with a casual button down sweater or to a night out or a date with the right accessories.

For a professional look you can wear it with a pair of high heels and for the casual look you can wear the outfit with ballet flats. For a walk in the park with your kids you can wear the dress with a pair of gladiator sandals or flip flops. Wear the dress with a pair of jazzy tights if you want to add some variety to the dress.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a must in every woman’s closet.This is an outfit that can be worn for a casual affair or to an event of importance. A pair of ballet flats, a low pony tails and a few colorful accessories will give you a super casual look while a pair of stilettos and red lipstick will create a formal look.

Since these are basics that every woman can wear to almost every occasion one must look at these clothes as an investment. Don’t feel shy or guilty if you spend a few extra dollars on these outfits.