Simple and Easy Ways to Reduce Hair Fall

Human hair grows in periods. There are certain months of the year when the hair does not grow at all; this is called the resting phase. When this happens the hair does not grow but may lead to minimum or excessive shedding. It is during these months that you need to take extra care of your hair in order to prevent excessive hair fall. There are several home remedies that you can try to help reduce the hair fall.

There are several factors that contribute to hair fall. Poor diet, improper hair care routine and certain hair styles are factors that lead to hair fall. Each of these can be taken care off with a few home remedies.

Let’s start with the hair care routine. Firstly, if you wash your hair daily you need to stop immediately. When you use soap or shampoo along with hot water on your hair too often you increase the risk of hair fall. Instead wash your hair every alternate day or every 3 days. Use olive oil on your hair and massage it for a few minutes before you wash your hair. This will help to stimulate the hair follicles and prevent hair breakage.

Avoid using too many styling products on your hair. Heat treatments like curlers, perms and irons also damage your hair and must not be used daily. Do not opt for hair styles that hold your hair tight. Braids, cornrows and backcombing your hair can cause excessive damage to your hair.

If you suffer from hair loss then you need to use a conditioner as well as a leave in conditioner on your hair. This will make your hair look shiny and will prevent hair loss. Avoid using a fine toothed brush on your hair; instead use a wide tooth brush or comb on your hair. Do not brush your hair when it is wet as it leads to breakage and this will result in excessive hair loss.

If your diet is low in zinc and protein you may suffer from excessive hair loss. You may choose to get these nutrients from natural sources like the food you eat or have them in the form of supplements. Maintain your hydration by drinking plenty of water, fresh fruit juices and milk. Avoid any beverages that contain caffeine in them.