4 Signs Of Bad Parenting

4 signs of bad parenting

4 signs of bad parenting

Almost all of us have heard that bad kids are the results of bad parents. Believe it or not, actions of parents convey more to their children than the words. Being the very first teacher of your child, you are the first influence in your child’s life, and this largely affects his or her attitude, goals, views and perspective on life.

What you convey to your child through your words or actions will have a long lasting impression on your child’s mind. That is why, good parenting is extremely necessary. Here are some of the signs of bad parenting, which you should ward off:

4 Signs Of Bad Parenting

Avoiding Or Neglecting The Child

Doing this emotionally or physically may affect your child’s mind in a negative manner. Putting the child in dangerous or unsupervised situations, ignoring his or her needs and making him or her feel worthless leaves a great impact on your child’s mind, and because of this, the child starts feeling very low of himself or herself, and he or she starts feeling lonely.

avoid or neglecting yourchild

Many times, this also affects the child’s social development or mental health, and leaves long lasting psychological scars. Remember, a child always needs to be cherished and loved.

Verbal And Physical Abus

Exposing your child to verbal abuse or physical violence can damage a child’s psychology seriously. Many parents vent out their frustration at their child. Because of this, the child may lose his or her self confidence and may develop inferiority complex.

verbal or physical abusing

Punishment is fair if your child has done something really wrong. But abusing the child verbally or physically for trivial matters can lead them to become rebellious. The only physical contact that your child needs from your is kisses, hugs and such signs of affection.

Partiality Or Favoritism

It is seen that many parents differentiate between their children. Praising one child and complaining about the other can also be very damaging for the child. Some parents have a habit of complaining about their own child in front of others. Over-criticizing parents or comparing the child with others can also damage a kid’s self confidence.

Partially or Favortisim

Too Much Interfering Or Pampering

Worrying about the child too much or pampering him or her excessively can also spoil him, leading to the child becoming too demanding. Children, whose parents interfere in all the activities of the children, grow up as cowards and they tend to become overly dependent on their parents. This can hinder their personality development.

interfering or pampering

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Not Being Judicious With Money

While some parents cater to each and every desire of their children, others are too stingy to spend even a single penny on their child’s wishes. Children, whose all needs are fulfilled fail to realize real worth of money and they tend to get indulged in bad habits.

While if you are too miser and do not buy anything for your child, he or she may develop habits of stealing in order to fulfill his or her requirements. Therefore, maintaining a balance is of essence.

In short, parenting is like a full time job and your children rely on you for each physical, emotional and financial necessity of their lives. Therefore, it is important to take out time for your children, correct them whenever they are wrong and teach them correct mannerisms.

When the parents neglect these rules, it is natural for the children to display unfavorable behavior and become brats. Under lack of love and care, such children lose their self confidence, and their psychological development gets hindered significantly.