Signs Of A Loveless Marriage

Loveless Marriage

Loveless Marriage A marriage is the haven which gives true meaning to a family and a home. A marriage is built with two people that eventually expand into a family as kids come along. Therefore, a marriage means love, commitment and companionship of a lifetime even when kids grow and go their own ways.

However, when a marriage becomes loveless all the beauties that follow with the same become bitter as well. The family remains no longer happy and companionship turns into a burden.

A marriage which begins with a positive note and lots of promises may tend to lose its glitter with time and with the rust that daily life leaves behind. A marriage in the face of responsibilities, adjustments, commitments and compromises may begin to suffer greatly if the couple doesn’t understand the signs within time.

Signs of a Loveless Marriage

The term ‘loveless’ may not always literally mean love has become less between a couple. Once love happens it remains forever even if at the most unknown corners of the heart. What is a loveless marriage then? This will be answered when we understand what actually a loveless marriage mean.

Initially when a couple got married the fact that brought them together is love more than anything else. Love seems very attractive and beautiful during courtship. With marriage a couple learns to grow together, adjust and change to accommodate to suit each other’s ways and also they learn to give support to their partner in times of need.

All this and much more comprise a marriage. However, a couple may initially have all these qualities or may gradually develop these and therefore the positive signs of a good marriage evolve. When one or both the partners become selfish and are not ready to adjust then various problems begin which lead to fights, frequent arguments and bitterness.

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Even if a couple is willing to give their best and are deeply in love yet a time may come when various things like work pressure, bringing up children, daily household chores, financial stress and so on may create tensions which eventually takes away the romance. The couple gets busy in their own lives thereby slowly drifting apart and intimacy being lost somewhere. The couple just takes each other for granted and the value of love is lost. This is when a marriage becomes loveless.

Make a Loveless Marriage Into a Loving One

When you fall in love once and marry your beloved you may go through both good and bad times. But all these are phases that pass. If you feel that you can see the signs of a loveless marriage in your own life then you also have ways to make it into a loving one. Here it is how to do it!

Romance and intimacy are the two most important aspects that keep love alive even in the wake of various harsh realities of life. Take out some time in your busy schedule to spend time together with your spouse. Relive the old beautiful memories together and walk down the romantic path again. Go for a romantic holiday or a weekend picnic together. More than anything else be communicative and say the three magical words to your spouse.

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