Should You Move In With Your Boyfriend?

In any love relationship, when things are moving smooth, people decide to move in together only to discover that their relationship has gone from good to bad. To ensure that you’re taking the right decision about moving in with your boyfriend, here are some aspects that deserve due consideration.

Are you really willing?

Ask yourself that question again and again, and maybe you’ll discover that you’re still not ready to move in with your boyfriend. Maybe your boyfriend is trying to get you to move in with him, and you’ve said yes just to oblige him. If that’s the case, then sit back and wait till the time you feel the urge to move in with him.

Keep no false hope

Sometimes women accept the proposal to move into their boyfriends place believing that his will speedup their relationship and they may get married sooner. But well if you both haven’t planned on getting married, don’t even think that moving in with your boyfriend will make him to propose you for marriage. Rather if you don’t move in, he will have a stronger desire to get married soon so that you both can be together.

Is the guy financially fit?

Even if you don’t like the idea of checking on his financial health, it is still important to do so before you move in with him. There have been many cases where the guy asks a woman to move in with her just to get her to share the expenses. Also there are some guys who want to freak out on the woman’s money. Don’t be ashamed to check on his credit ratings before you move in with your boyfriend, unless you’re willing to lose a relationship and a lot of your personal money.

Have you discussed things openly?

Don’t assume that moving in with your boyfriend will make your differences to disappear. Unless you’ve discussed all relevant issues with your boyfriend and the two of you have reached a mutually agreeable solution, don’t accept his proposal to move in with him. If there are issues that need to be discussed, don’t keep them for later.

Things will change drastically

As long as you both live in different places, you’re both showing only the good side of you to your partner. But when you begin living together you will both come down to your real self, and then you’ll discover things that you don’t like about each other. Instead a good idea will be to spend a few weekends at his place before actually moving in with all your baggage, as this will help you both in discovering the real person in each other.

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Sidharth Thakur