Should You Let a Cheating Man Come Back To You?

Whether or not to trust a man, who has cheated on you, is more of a personal choice. There are women who can pardon a man for any sin, just to have him by their side. And on the other hand there are women who won’t pardon their men even for mild flirting. Although it’s a matter of personal choice, still being extra judgmental about whether or not to let your man come back into your life, after knowing that he has cheated on you, makes perfect sense.

More so, because the old adage that “once a cheater- always a cheater”, does hold significant relevance when it comes to love relationships.  Cheating is believed to be as addictive as alcohol, so before you allow your man to come back to you, do examine his behavior and his real intent.

Does he accept and repent

There is no point letting your cheater man to come back to you if he still tries to cover up his cheating or tries to misleadingly justify his cheating act. If your man has really changed then he will be openly able to accept that he has been wrong, and moreover you will be able to see in his behavior and words that he really repents having cheated on you. If your man has really changed for the good then you can always let him back into your life, but if not you’d be doing a big mistake by forgiving him. Don’t just go by his words, a simple ‘sorry’ isn’t difficult for any man to utter just to get back what he wants. Look for other signs of regret and repentance in his behavior, before you get fully convinced about his change.

Willingness to prove himself

A man who loves you dearly and who wants to make good all the trouble you’ve been through, because of him, will enthusiastically accept all challenges to prove that he has really changed. While opposite to this, a confirmed cheater will try to make excuses or will try emotional blackmail to avoid undergoing a testing situation. Some of the usual blackmailing lines that a man may try to avoid proving himself are honey don’t you trust me, would I ever betray you, don’t I keep you happy and the likes. If your man has really changed he will be willing to do anything in the world to make things good.

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Sidharth Thakur