Should Infidelity Lead To Divorce?

divorcerelation Infidelity is not just about your partner having sex with somebody outside your relationship, but it is more about the emotional implications of this breach of trust.

There is also nonphysical infidelity, where a deep set emotional tie between your spouse and some outsider sends in shock waves into your marriage. In fact, emotional infidelity is worse and harder to bear, than some one night stand or a short fling.

The bigger question however is whether or not your marriage with be able to survive the attacks of infidelity. Well it all depends on how strong your relationship was before the particular event and how deeply do you feel for each other, as of today. Once, your partner begins dating some other woman, the most vital issue that should concern you is whether or not the relationship between the two means something substantial or not.

Emotional distance ruins marriage

Even if the term ‘lost cause’ seems a little crude, the fact is that when the two of you are only physically present in your marriage, and emotionally there exists nearly nothing between the two of you, it’s difficult to rescue the drowning boat.

Sadly, in most instances you may not doubt your partner’s intentions and your relationship may keep moving smoothly, till one day you’re almost taken aback by the shocking news. And this feeling of shock and sudden realization is what crushes the faithful partner to the core.  Most people find it difficult to take this blow, and the only way to relieving the pain suffered from this blow seems to be in taking a divorce.

In most cases, the details of what went on between your spouse and the outsider are almost irrelevant and what really affects you more deeply is the breach of trust that you have suffered. As is commonly accepted, marriage is all about trust, loyalty and love.

But when your partner begins sneaking out, the love gets lost, the loyalty takes a back seat and the trust gets abused. So what are you left with? You’re left with absolutely nothing that can make things work once again. So you’re absolutely free to take your call about whether your marriage continues on or it’s time to dissolve it.

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Sidharth Thakur