Shorts for Women who Dont have Curves- Women with Boyish Figures

If you are the kind of women who likes a versatile look then it is important for you to have a few pairs of shorts in your wardrobe. This is important for any woman- no matter what shape she sports.

Normally, women who lack curves, those who have boyish figures are the ones who shy away from wearing shorts for the mere fact that they don’t know what to wear and how to shop for shorts.

If you can relate with this or you have a boyish figure then I have a few tips that will help you to get into the right pair of shorts.

The first thing that most women consider before wearing a pair of shorts is the length and this is by far the most important feature of the article of clothing.

Shorts need to end at the point in your legs that are most attractive; normally shorts end at the upper thigh however if you dare you can wear hot shorts.

When you are considering the style or the cut of the shorts there are several challenges. For a boyish figure you need to look out for shorts that accentuate your thin waist but are roomy at the legs. Structured pants or shorts are a better bet compared to baggy styles as they will make your legs look slimmer.

Boyish figures can get away with wearing a variety of colors and prints. Light colors, bright shades and psychedelic prints are for women who are comfortable wearing shorts and are pleased with the way they look in them.

Don’t wear stripes though as they make your body look angular. Boyish figures also need to stay clear of dark colors and monotones as they make the lower body look lean rather than adding shape and sensuality to your figure.

When you are considering fabrics then there are a few basics. Denims are best suited for a casual look; for a dressy look satins and laces are best. Tweed and corduroy are best for a semi casual look.

Embellishments on your shorts are great as they add glamour and versatility to the shorts. They also improve the shape of your body. Shorts that have gathers, tucks or pleats are great for boyish figures. Those with belts or well defined waists are best suited for women with boyish figures.