Short Hair Styles

Hair styling is an important part and parcel of one’s whole style statement which defines the personality as well. Short hair styles are much in vogue nowadays and the winter trends are also anticipating the same.

Lot of women who have busy schedules and are much on the go yet want to remain trendy and sport a neat stylish look go for the short hair styles. Short hair styles are not only much more manageable but also look very stylish if done intelligently keeping in mind the type of face cut one has and the color and texture of the hair as well.

Hair styles depend much on the personal choice and it is found that many women love to keep their hair short given the numerous styles that are offered by the hair experts. Most celebrities are seen to exhibit their new short hair styles which become new style statements in themselves. The best thing about short hair is that styles for any type of hair texture and color are available.

Short hair has a plethora of varieties as one can keep the hair too short or keep the hair till the neck line; whichever ways one wants to keep the hair short there are exciting ways of experimentation available which can be sported at regular intervals!

For deciding upon the right short hair style one has to first know which type of styles will suit her face structure which means the bone structure of the face, whether its an angular one or round or oval shaped. Any hair style may not go for anybody or everybody; one needs to carry the hair style which eventually accentuates one’s best features and also adds to the glamour and personality.

Ladies with angular face cuts and long necks to flaunt can easily go for the short bob cut. For less angular faces the hair cut can end around the neck circling the neck line which can lend a very cute look.

Straight hair when styled short can give a neat look while ladies out there with wavy and curly hair can settle for a more tousled, carefree yet well managed and well set look. The curls give the icing on the short hair hence wavy or curly haired girls have an added advantage to play with and love their hair by going for the short hair styles.