6 Short & Easy Hairstyles For Women

6 Ways Of Short And Easy hairstyles

Women with shorter hair can thank their stars for the ease with which they can style, structure and do up their hair. Casual and short hairstyles can make you look quirky, fun, yet comfortable. These chic hairstyles can be sported on a lunch date, shopping trip or an evening watching movies at your favourite theatre.

The beauty about these hairstyles is that they are easy to maintain and can be styled in under ten minutes. You are less likely to suffer from bad hair days, as they are very low fuss. Here are some trendy, short and easy hairstyles for women.

Hairstyles For Women

Bob With Curls

Bob And Curls

Get your hair stylist to give you a short and sporty looking bob with curls at the end. This look works well on girls who do not have a very lush crop and want some volume without having to compromise on the length of the hair.


Have a deeper side part so that a large section of your hair falls on the forehead. You can add some glitz to your bob by adding some coloured highlights. This is a low maintenance hairstyle, which does not require the use of styling products.

Razor Fringe Cuts

straight hair

Try a very short boy cut with jagged edges in the front of your head. Allow the fringe to fall on your forehead. If jagged edges are not your scene, try breaking up the look with the help of your fingers. Use a light hairspray especially in the evenings when you do not want the hair to look too plastered.

Side Swept Bun

Side Swept Bun

If you have short, shoulder length hair you may be stuck with the option of always having to keep it loose. Well, not anymore. You can try a low, trendy, side swept bun with the help of a stylish hair bracket that secures the hair in place. To do this make a short pony and wrap the tail upwards. Secure it with a hair bracket so that it stays in place.

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Voluminous, Messy Pony

Voluminous Messy Pony

Try a bouffant style pony with a messy touch. Create two large sections of hair out in the front and do it up in a bouffant. Secure it at the back of your head with a few bobby pins. Now secure the remaining hair in a messy ponytail and tie it up with a rubber band. Let it remain messy and do not brush it out.

A Curly Bun

A Curly Bun

This look works very well on hair that is naturally curly. Tie up the entire length of your hair in a smallish bun. Now with the help of a curling iron, curl the end sections of your short bun to create a mass of curls. Set the hair with a shine serum.

Short Waves

creamy shade

If you have severely straight hair, try to add waves to it for a different look. Use a shine serum and gently blow-dry your hair into manageable waves. Set the waves with styling mousse. Dress up the hair by adding fancy pins or braiding the front sections of your hair.

Neha Chaturvedi