Shopping For Accessories

While most women pay a lot of attention to their fashion or dress up, facial makeup, hair style and footwear to look better, accessorizing is one aspect that usually goes fairly neglected. And well, this aspect is equally important when you want to make a glamorous statement to sweep men off the floor. The intent of this article is not to send you off on a fresh shopping spree, but to guide you in choosing the right accessories to go with your dress and the occasion.

Stop that habit of random shopping, picking up things just because they look appealing in the display counters, and go selective when buying accessories to match them up with the dresses in your wardrobe. It’s no point picking up something that won’t blend with any of your dresses, and then just wearing it because you’ve spent money on it.

Now, while I did mention that we don’t intend to send you shopping, don’t assume that those worn-out accessories that you’ve stocked up in your wardrobe are good enough. If anything is worn-outfit it doesn’t deserve to be in your wardrobe, just throw it out. Whatever accessories you have or you buy, stick to quality, because a low price dress can be made to look good by accessorizing it with something of good quality, however the rule doesn’t apply the other way round.

Some basic accessories, such as a black leather belt, a black leather bag and black shoes, find universal acceptance with most dresses, so these are a must for your wardrobe collection. Some accessories are versatile and can be used fairly well with both casuals and formals, stashing in some of these will help you save money while still not compromising on your dress up. However if your budget does allow you can buy different accessories to match with different dresses.

As for clothing, there are certain rules to be observed when using accessories. For instance, the texture and color of your belt must match with that of your shoes as also your hand bag must coordinate with your shoes. Again there’s no need for you to buy exactly the same matching accessories for every dress provided you know how to coordinate contrasting colors. Say you have a perfectly white dress, so you don’t have to have white shoes and a white bag, use your black ones and see how aesthetically appealing the combination will look.

Sidharth Thakur