Shopaholic Vs Smart Shopper

Are your credit bills piling on and your savings diminishing just because your itch to go shopping never seems to sooth down? Are you often spending money just for the heck of buying things that you may actually not require? Well then we can reward you with the title of “Shopaholic”.

Shopping malls are quite a rage with most young ladies, and they find shopping at such places quite exhilarating, even though they may have to shell out more money for the same product if instead it were to be bought from a small local store. There is some X factor attached to the experience of shopping at big malls, and with the kind of tantalizing display you’re inevitably going to buy more than what you really need. And top it all with the credit card companies being generous with credit limits, ending up in the financial crisis is pretty unavoidable.

Most often you enter the mall to buy something, but usually come out buying a lot of things. I don’t blame you; rather I commend the marketing skills of the salespeople at these malls who can easily beguile you into spending more than what you can afford and buying things that you don’t need. Anyways, if you don’t want to go bankrupt you have to learn to say “no” and you have to learn to resist the temptation of going out on those wild shopping trips that can be quite detrimental to your financial health.

To avoid shopping cataclysms, always step into the shopping mall with a shopping list in your bag and go strictly by our shopping list, and avoid succumbing to the enticing promotional offers. Leave your credit card at home, and pay with cash only because only when you pay in cash you actually realize how much you’re spending. With credit cards the general tendency is to go on splurging, not realizing how much money you have blown up. But with cash it always pinches because we really find it difficult to part with our hard earned money.

And the last bit of advice is that stop running after freebies, because they are nothing more than the bait you use to trap mice. So if you don’t want to end up like trapped mice, forget the freebies and just buy what is there in your shopping list.

Sidharth Thakur