Shoes Styles For Professional Career Women

professional-shoes Footwear has an important role to play, in the overall appearance of a person, and in fact some people judge a persons attitude and personality from the shoes that he/she wears. The right fit and good maintenance are the first two things that you must look into, about your shoes.

Wearing the right type of shoes is even more important for carrier woman, who are trying to make a mark in their professional lives. Just imagine, if you’re wearing some ill fitting, badly maintained shoes because of which you walk around in a slouchy posture, how good an impression your clients and your office mates will form about you. And well that’s not the end to it; it’s not just your professional impression which is at stake, but also your overall health because wearing the wrong shoes will lead to pains in the lower body. Also wearing an ill fitting shoe can cause foot problems like corns and bunions.

The preferred styles

Pumps are the most preferred shoe style in the professional showground. Look for something with a 1 to 2 inch high heel, and you’ll look classy and will be able to walk comfortably all day long. Peep toes and stilettos are more suitable for special occasions like board meetings, but for every day wear they may not be as comfortable as the pumps. As for color, the regular blacks are the most well accepted, however, you can also pick up some dark tan or burgundies. Avoid experimenting with vibrant colors, bizarre designs and heavy patterns. Basically your office wear shoes should reflect your sound taste and should be more on the elegant side.

For the avid boot lovers, there is bad news, as most corporate houses do not consider boots as a part of professional dress up. However, if your place does allow you to wear boots, especially during colder season, then let your boots be sleek and sophisticated rather than chunky and trendy.

Don’t mind spending a little extra money to buy good quality leather shoes, rather than pick up some artificial cheap stuff to save money. It’s always safer to go in for some sleek designs, so buy a good brand to make a commanding professional fashion statement.

Sidharth Thakur