Shiny, Healthier Summer Hair – Go For It!

Every woman has a latent dream, long windswept hair, shiny and healthy! There are very few who really achieve it. I just read something very interesting and I was quite intrigued to find that avocados are a good food for shiny, healthy hair.

Any style, short or long or a gorgeous hairstyle would call for healthy hair. Shine or natural luster is the key ingredient for healthy hair. The hair stylists all over the world tell you about how to get healthy hair even after months of staying out in the sun and also after the winter months. Sam Brocato is one of the premier hair stylists who shares his tips on healthy hair.

Winter hair care or for that matter, after-winter hair care could start with a gentle shampooing that doesn’t strip off any moisture from the hair. You can use your favorite shampoo or blend conditioner, one part and shampoo, two parts for the added moisture. You can also use some special conditioning treatment that is herbs based and available across the counter.

An overnight treatment for the hair or a hair mask applied overnight can work best for the hair. You can place the hair mask for protecting the hair against any loss in moisture. The process is to be repeated as hair can be conditioned as much and as long as there is nothing called the over-conditioning of hair.

For shining, healthy hair your scalp also needs some tender loving care as the scalp tends to get dry during the winter. If the hair is flaky or tight you can treat the hair with a scalp massage. You can knead the head every night for two minutes and that would help to boost the circulation of blood and keep off the dried cells of the skin.

You look what you eat. You can now add more walnuts, avocados and almonds to your diet for making the hair shiny, thick and long. An avocado hair mask recipe works wonders! You can mix ripe avocados, one tablespoon olive oil, brown sugar, some apple cedar vinegar in the blender.

You have to blend the mixture and apply it to the scalp on to damp hair. You can put on a shower cap and then step into the shower in running warm water and steam the hair before you rinse it. The apple cedar vinegar adds to the shine while the olive oil and the avocados moisturize it.

The eating of almonds, walnuts, avocados give you a yummy treat and add up to that extra gloss to the hair and skin. The avocado mask for the hair works out miracles. Get the magic makeover now.