Shiny Hair Tips

Every woman longs for healthy and shiny hair.Few lucky ones acquire shiny hair naturally and few others crib over their failed efforts.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on number of hair shine products it is very important to get your basics right.Healthy and shiny hair comes from good health and general well being.

It is very important to eat right to acquire the perfect tresses.Include plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet.Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids or omega-3 acid supplements will do wonders for your hair.Keep away from junk foods and indulge in healthy eating habits.Also make sure that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Choose the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair.Go for natural and alcohol free shampoo and conditioners.Ensure that you deep condition your hair at least once a week.Keep your hair clean by washing your hair and conditioning it on a regular basis.Remember to apply shampoo only on the roots and condition only the ends.

Come what may never comb hair when wet.Make it a point to let your hair dry naturally.Also ensure that you do not wipe your hair too vigorously using a towel.Just squeeze out the water off your hair and wrap the towel around your head.Get oil massages done on a regular basis to keep your scalp healthy and hair shiny.

By shampooing and conditioning the right way, you will feel the difference in no time.Always remember to wash your hair after swimming in the pool and also cover your hair with a shower cap while going for a swim.

Apply an egg pack on your hair once a while to get shiny hair.This is a very economic and effective method to get that instant shine.Rinsing your hair with cider vinegar, lemon juice or beer also brings about shine and bounce to your hair.

Switch to satin pillow case instead of cotton pillow case as cotton and other fabrics pulls the moisture off your hair making it look dull and lifeless.Avoid excessive use of straighteners, blow dryers, etc. as heat treatments damage your hair.Make sure that you follow these steps for shiny hair.