Share Some Sensual Moments With Your Spouse

romanceplace A relationship between a man and woman shouldn’t always be sexual, let there be some passionate moments when you can enjoy the romantic bliss with some sensual acts.

Only sex and nothing else can at times become boring, and not just that if you don’t enjoy some sensual and passionate moments the two of you might experience a great fall in your libido as well. Here are some ideas on how you can share some wonderful sensual movements with your partner without actually getting into the act of sex.

Cooking together

How about the two of you preparing a romantic dinner, with some soft melodious music playing in the background? The occasional touches and a little bit of kissing, while you’re preparing the meals, will spur up your desire before you finally decide to make it in the bed after dinner. Just to add onto the sensuous appeal, you could also enjoy sipping on some red wine while you’re busy cooking. You don’t really need to cook up a splendid meal; it can be anything because all that matters is the feeling of working together to make something.

The Bedroom Spa

Get some aromatic oils and pamper each other’s body with a full body massage. Get into a comfortable bed or onto a lounge chair, dressed in bare minimums only and then play with each other’s body, while you give each other a massage. You can also have some soothing music playing in the background. Let the intensity of your massaging strokes change from gentle to wild, but resist the temptation to uncover the genitals of your partner. If you know your partner sensitive areas, then fiddle more with those parts of the body so as to tease and excite him.

A hot bubble bath

We have moved from the kitchen to the bedroom, now how about enjoying some sexual movements in the bathtub. But before you fill up the tub, place some wine and sweet treats closer to the tub. And instead of using the regular lighting, burn some perfumed candles to create a warm and lovely ambiance in the bathroom. Get into the bath and scrub, tease and tickle each other’s body, while gently caressing each other and enjoying the wine and chocolates.