Shaping your Eyebrows at Home

To achieve a well balanced facial look and intensify the beauty of your eyes, proper shaping of the eyebrows is critical. When you have a dense eyebrow growth getting the right shape isn’t too difficult, however, when the growth is sparse you need to be extra careful when shaping your eyebrows. Here is a shot guide to help you with shaping your eyebrows, using tweezers to pluck the unwanted hair.

Eyebrows with sparse hair growth is a little tricky because sometimes when you pull out even a single hair you could see a large gap in your eyebrows, also pulling out any hair at the ends could leave your eyebrows looking abnormally short. Eyebrows look beautiful when they start right above the inside corner of your eyes and stretch, with the subtle curve or arch, up to a little beyond the other corner of the eyes.

When you intend to change the shape of your eyebrows on your own, it’s wise to go gradual, plucking out two or three hair a day, so that if it doesn’t turn out too well, at least the fault will be a little less obvious. When you want to shape your eyebrows at home, waxing and threading can be too tricky, so leave them out and stick to plucking the unwanted hair with tweezers. When you begin plucking never start on the upper side of the eyebrow, instead start off on the lower side that is just above your eyelids.

Once you’re done with shaping the lower side, it’s time to move to the top side where you must pull out only that hair which seems to have gone wild or stray. Avoid removing too much of hair on the topside of the eyebrow. If some of the hair have become too long, especially around the inside corners, you could use a pair of scissors to neatly trim them. But go gradual with the trimming or they might end up looking butchered.

And lastly, to keep your eyebrows looking neat and to keep the hair in place get some eyebrows gel to smooth them out and keep them in shape, all through the day.

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Sidharth Thakur