Shaping your Eyebrows at Home with Tweezers

Many a times, it may not be possible for us to go to a salon or visit a professional to get our eyebrows done. Here are few tips that would help you get a good eyebrow shape at home using a tweezers.

When using a tweezers, remember that the space between the eyebrows should be equal. Even if it is a little wider than your eyes, it is fine. To make it simple, you can use a long eye pencil or an eye shadow brush and keep it parallel to the nose.

Mark the place where the brow meets the brush and this is your starting point. Do the same exercise by keeping the brush diagonally to the nose to find the end of the brow. Select what shape of the brow you need.

The best shape is the arch shape. To get the desired shape, you can always take the help of the eye pencil and sketch a template. Hair that fall outside this marked region need to be tweezed. Sketching makes your job much easier.

After you are done with all this, sterilize your tweezers by washing it with an antibacterial soap. Prepare your skin by cleaning and exfoliating it gently. Brush your brows in the upward motion. Start tweezing below the bottom line that you’ve marked.

You can always use scissors to trim the top of the brow. Pluck one hair at a time. Don’t just rush and grab too many hair in one go. Start tweezing from the inner corners of the brow and then move outwards. Tweeze row wise from alternate brow. Tweeze one row from one brow and then from another.

Keep the brush handy and brush regularly to see the progress. Tweeze in the direction of the hair growth. You must know where to stop your tweezers. Don’t get carried away and end up in a disaster.

Be careful while using the tweezers. Don’t poke yourself. Be careful so that eyes don’t get hurt in all this exercise. After the tweezing, brush up all the extra hair and apply a good brow gel. You can apply an aloe vera gel to soothe any redness of the skin.

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Sidharth Thakur