Shape your legs with exercises

If you have stocky legs, any amount of waxing and massaging is not going to make them look slender and shapely. And that leaves you with just one choice and that is exercise. We have here some easy exercises that will improve your leg muscles giving them proper shape and strength.

For your calves:

Stand straight with your legs together and your hands placed on your hips. Bend your knees so as to get into a squatting position while keeping your spine perfectly straight. Any curve in the spine will reduce the benefit of the exercise, so exercising with the right posture is most important here. In the squatting position count till four before you rise up again to the starting position. Start with a minimum of ten repetitions, and keep on increasing the repetitions over the next few weeks.

For your thighs:

This exercise is a lovely one to slim down your thighs. Lie down flat on the floor and slowly pull up your knees towards your chest, once you get them as close to the chest is possible lift them up straight in the air. From this position move your legs as if you were trying to ride a bicycle at a low pace, for about half a minute, but with smooth movements. It’s a bit tough to do, and initially you may be able to complete only about four to five repetitions. But that is fine and you can increase the repetitions over time.

For complete legs:

Sit on a chair, preferably a dining chair, with your back absolutely straight. Let your feet keep touching the floor and the knees joined together while you stretch your legs forward. When they are fully stretched, lift your feet off the floor with your knees straight and your legs parallel to the ground. While keeping the legs straight turn your toes towards you while pushing out the heels at the same time till all your leg muscles feel stretched. Now you can bend your knees and bring your feet down to the floor. This is one complete repetition, and you need about ten repetitions to begin with.

With these three simple exercises you can enjoy shapely legs, provided you do them regularly.

Sidharth Thakur