Shape Up Your Nose

Our nose is an essential feature of our face, quite so because it sits right in the center of our face. That’s one reason why having a large, asymmetrical or a bumpy nose leaves us so much depressed. True, if your noses is peculiar it tends to overshadow your other attractive features. You could extend your hand for the perfect nose with rhinoplasty or what’s commonly known as a nose job, but here’s something that you need to know before you jump for it.

First on, you need to be sure that you actually require that nose job, because quite often we tend to mentally magnify our facial and bodily imperfections. The more you look into the mirror, the more you tend to get obsessed with your imperfections. While you may be overly conscious, most people may not even notice that somewhat bumpy nose you have. A nose surgery is advisable only if either your nose has a deformity which is very visible or if your nose upsets you too often, makes you self conscious and damages your confidence.

Before you step into the plastic surgeons clinic, it’s important that you should not have any major health problems or else your body will find it difficult to endure the demands of the surgery. What’s even more critical is your psychological state, since a change in your nose shape will definitely have some emotional impact, more so because the results are not instantaneous after the surgery and you may have to see a swollen and a blotchy face for a few weeks.

The results of a nose job or rhinoplasty are not predictable, so do not build up on some unrealistic expectations. Don’t expect a complete turnaround in your life after getting a nose job done, because most likely people won’t even notice that you have been through a plastic surgery. And putting this fact together with the fact that the recuperation will be slow, hurting and uncomfortable, you may experience a lot of disappointment and mental agony post surgery.

Surgery is no kids-play and you definitely know that, it comes along with its own set of risks. So you need to ascertain whether the plus points of rhinoplasty can actually outweigh the negatives in your particular case, before you head for a nose job.

Sidharth Thakur