Shape Up Your Lips

lips-care Lips are undoubtedly the most sensuous aspect of the face. And while, nearly every other woman uses a lipstick to enhance the beauty of her lips, most of the women still don’t realize that giving your lips the right shape with makeup is the most important part of lip makeup.

If you don’t know how to shape up your lips using lip makeup, all your efforts on doing up your lips are a complete waste. Here are some tips to help you in defining your lips for a more appealing shape.

If you have thin lips

Obviously, you want to make your lips look a little thicker, so use the lip liner a little outside your natural lip line. You need to be particular about using the lip liner with a steady hand, to create a perfect shape. When you are done with that, just fill in the primer followed by the lipstick. For thin lips, it’s always good to use a bit of lip gloss over your lipstick, as lip gloss makes your lips look fuller.

If you have thick lips

Use a pencil lip liner which is at least one shade darker, than the lipstick shade you choose to wear, to draw a lip line a little inside your natural lip line. Fill in the lipstick, preferably one in matte texture.  As for shades always go in for medium and natural lipstick shades, while completely avoiding dark plums, browns and electric and shimmer shades.

If your lips are shapeless

In shapeless lips the major problem is that the bow area isn’t well defined, so that’s where you need to focus. To make a more prominent bow, make a V with a lip liner, and just extend the arms of the V a bit above your natural lip line. From the ends of the V draw curved lines to the corners of your mouth. And instead of applying the lipstick directly to your lips, use a lip brush to fill in the color inside the lip line that you have created.

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Sidharth Thakur