Sexy Surprises

Meeting a passionate couple at a social get together, does often leave us wondering as to what is the magical potion that makes their love and relationship so special. Well, there isn’t anything magical about it; it’s simply that these couples make that extra effort to spice up their love life.

Throwing in surprises has been found to be a good stimulant for love. So the next time you want to spice up your love life think about some last minute surprise like a long drive or an unexpected gift for your man. With just a bit of imagination you can give your love life a sexy twist.

Have you ever tried putting on some weird accent during sex, that is, when you are uttering those sweet nothings into his ears or when you are screaming in the heat of passion? You don’t need to talk sensible; it can be almost anything like some slang from your favorite TV program, since it is your strange accent that will excite your partner and not the meaning of the words.

When family get together or social dos seemed to be killing your lovely evenings, by taking away those intimate moments from the two of you, there’s a small trick to get your man lusting for you all evening. Just send him an erotic SMS, and chances are he will either cancel the party or else you will find him hovering around you all through the party.

There are times when you just want to chuck that TV remote out of your door, because your guy just stays glued to that idiot box, watching his favorite sports matches or his action thrillers. All right, it’s not that we don’t love watching TV especially those soap operas, but during evenings and on holidays we are always willing to give up watching TV.  One smart way to deal with this is to steal away the remote, while he is still watching something and turn off the TV. I know that’s going to annoy him, but when he turns around and sees you standing there in a sexy posture; the anger fumes will give way to a heated session of love.

And to keep him in bed for a longer time, its simple, talk dirty as most men are sexually aroused to see women talking dirty