Sexy Knee High Boots

Women and knee high leather boots make an awesome combination, one that most men can’t resist looking at.. There is something really sexy and snazzy about women in high leather boots, but unfortunately not every woman knows the art of wearing knee high boots. Tall and slender women can get away with any kind of boots; in fact knee high boots seem the most apt for them. But as for the petite and the bulky, some other considerations need to be put in together to achieve that glamorous and sexy look.

The fit is the most important

You want boots that fit your calves snugly and that go with your body and leg shape, else you might end up looking ridiculous. If you’ve been eyeing some sexy knee high boots on the internet, drop the idea of ordering them online, because to get the best fit you need to try the boots on before buying them. With knee high leather boots the most important consideration is how well the shaft of the boot sits on your calves.

If your calves are thin, then you can’t settle for the standard shaft width, you need something slimmer that can retain your natural calf shape and not make them look bulky. Also if the shaft is too wide, it will lose its shape with time. On the other hand when you have thicker bulkier calves, you must never try to force them into knee high boots with tighter molded shafts. This will cause the bulk to ooze out at the top, causing your legs to look unsightly. So with fat thighs, you should look for non-molded knee high boots which can take a bit of a stretch in the shaft.

However perfect the fit of your boots may be, you must break into your knee high leather boots before you wear them anywhere outside. Walk around with your boots on, in the house, for a day so that the boots and the shaft can adjust to your leg and foot shape and so that you get comfortable waling in your boots. If your knees are your problem area then consider wearing stockings or tights to keep them hidden, however avoid them in white color.

Wearing Knee high leather boots

You can wear your knee high boots either under skirts or with your jeans tucked into them. When you’re wearing them with skirts that end above your knees, be sure that your knees are well kept and shapely, because knobby or unkempt knees will steal the attention and kill the charm of your knee high leather boots.

Sidharth Thakur