Sexy Beach Friendly Hairsyles That You Can do Yourself

Summer hair care is not easy. If you have had issues managing your hair in winter then you need to take extra care to style your hair well this summer. We have put together a few of the most current hair styles that are making the headlines across the fashion industry. Celebrities and stylists are raving about these styles and you ca do them at home in a few minutes.

If you are heading out to the beach and you want to sport a look with beach waves then you will have to start the night before. Spray your hair with water and light hair spray and divide your hair into 8 or 10 sections. Braid each section and go to sleep.

When you wake up in the morning all you need to do is open the braids and run your fingers through your hair. Your hair will have beautiful waves in them. Now, was that difficult?

Braids are very popular this summer so try and sport them in your daily look. If you want to put your hair away from your face then French braid the front portion of your hair and pin it into the back section of your hair. You can tuck in the braid with the help of a bobby pin.

This season ponytails are also very trendy and popular however wearing them traditionally is not going to help your look. Instead you need to glam it up. You can braid your ponytail or simply divide it into 2 sections and twist them around the other. Fasten it with a hair elastic and watch how this simple style turns glamorous.

Tie your hair in a bun but once again don’t be traditional. Tie a few braids in your hair or have a few curls in them before you put it up. A ballerina bun with braids around the crown looks very glamorous.

A messy up do is another great summer look for your hair. Gather your hair and tie it up as if you wear going into the shower. Add tiny colorful bobby pins and clips in your hair to increase the glam quotient of the look.