Sex Up Your Looks

Slipping into those fetid micro-minis may well not be the right choice when you wish to look sensual. There is a fine line that separates sensuality from sleaziness, so you have to go extra cautious to avoid any fashion blunders.

Sensuality is certainly not about exposing more of your skin; instead it is all about adding a few startling and glamorous touches. What’s even more wonderful is that getting that sizzling sexy look doesn’t call for a big budget.

Try wearing your outfit in a slightly different manner, like stretch that wide necked top to hang off the shoulder. However don’t go overboard and try something as weird as wearing your jeans with the zipper at the back. The idea is to make slight subtle yet noticeable changes to the way you wear your regular dresses in order to look different, particularly those changes which enhance the beautiful parts of your body.

Nude or pale lips are the latest fashion fad, but when it comes to a “sexy do” nothing can beat the luscious red lips. And don’t forget to use the lip liner to get the perfect outlines. Restrict the use of blush on your face to a minimum, and let your lips occupy the center stage. Your eyes are the other object on your face which expresses sensuality, so put on some eyeliner and eye shadow to highlight your eyes. And please leave those colored contact lenses for the witches and the vamps.

Adding a fashionable hat and shoulder-duster earrings are two easy tricks to add that sexy élan to your overall look. Wearing too much of jewelry can distract the looker so stick around to wearing just one or two good pieces.

As for your dress, apart from black, you can try some radiant hues of copper, maroon and pewter. Look for a fabric and color which complements your skin tone while sticking to the more simple shapes that highlight your contours. And finally complete your sexy look with a nice pair of sunglasses, if it is daytime, and a small clutch bag.