Sex During Pregnancy

It is a great feeling for both the men and the women that are soon going to be parents and this feeling makes them feel more close to each other and indulge in sex. There are many couples who are curious to know whether it is safe or not to have sex when the female is pregnant.

Well, the answer to this is that it is very much safe for the mother to be and the infant if the couple is having sex. But there may be times when the gynecologist may recommend no sex during pregnancy to some females depending upon their condition.

Some of the common reasons for which the gynecologist may ask you to avoid sex during your pregnancy are: One, if the placenta is placed at a very low level. Second is, if the cervix of the women is incompetent or enlarged.

Third can be if the woman has a miscarriage history and if the man or the women is suffering from a disease that can be sexually transmitted. Sex during pregnancy can also be unsafe if the woman is having heavy vaginal discharges.

But these things are not common with every woman and sex is quite safe. Yes, there are some things that may drive the force of having sex away from a woman. First of all, it is the figure that takes away all her confidence. She knows that she has grown broad and fat and her body is now not ion equal proportions or as it should be.

For this, she just needs some time and of course your support too. You must take care of her comforts as well so if she does not feel comfortable in some position the try others like side by side etc.

Well this is just about having sex during pregnancy and in the end, it is suggested that do not panic as sex during the three trimesters of pregnancy in a women’s life is really not harmful for the baby and you can go on with your love life without any type of fear in your mind.