Sex Bummers – What’s Gone Wrong?

Some of these occasional and not so sexy moves can put off your partner in the midst of the act. It can be quiet an irksome distraction for your partner, when a sudden nature’s call or you moaning your ex’s name can disrupt the act of passion. Although such occurrences do not take place too often, still when they do happen, they leave you in the most embarrassing situation. What should you do when these accidental bummers pop up in the midst of a steamy sex session?

Nothing can be worse than screaming out your ex’s or your secret lover’s name while you and your partner are in the mainstream, or worse still when your partner is just about to climax. What a disaster! Certainly there can be nothing more frustrating for your partner and nothing more embarrassing for you. It’s obvious your partner is going to feel estranged and may even keep suspecting you for the rest of your life. If you want to avoid such a disaster you need to be emotionally strong so that your mind never hovers around your past while you have those incredibly passionate moments with your current partner. There is no other escape route for this bummer, so precaution is all you can take.

A faux pas faced by a lot many couples is a small trickle of urine at the time of climax. This results from confusion either when the woman tries to force an orgasm by applying pressure to the bladder or when she cannot differentiate between the urge to urinate and the spurting orgasm. The problem is seen in quite a few cases, and the result is a half gratified male partner. The best way to circumvent this situation is to attend to your nature’s call before indulging in the act, and always try not to force a climax and let it come naturally.

And before we go, there is this marginal interruption which we would like to talk about and that is releasing appalling gases while in the act of love making. Yes, we’re talking about farting. It can be quite disturbing and annoying for your partner when you release some bad stench during the course of pleasure.

And we all know that even if you have lit aromatic candles, the good fragrance is not strong enough to hide the bad odor. To deal with this it’s better to take care of your digestive system and eat foods which do not escalate your gas formation problem, also taking a brisk walk after food will help in settling down things.