Sex Advice For the Fat Women

Most fat women are so overly conscious about the bulk that they are carrying, that very often they try to avoid sex because they feel embarrassed to bare their bodies.

Also there are fat females, who can’t have sex without putting off the lights because they do not want their partners to see their ugly bodies. Now, that’s definitely the wrong approach, you just cant keep declining your lovers pestering invitations, just because you feel awkward to undress your fat body in front of him. Also, for how long can you go on curbing your desire to get intimate with a man, intimidated by your fat deposits?

In the first place you need to understand that the man who wants to have sex with you already knows that you are fat. Men have a unique sense of being able to visualize what a woman would look like when she is naked.

So somewhere in his mind he has already seen you naked, and he already has an idea about how you look without the clothes. So bear in mind that he doesn’t really have a problem that you are fat, or else he wouldn’t have come to you in the first place.

Although what we’ve just said is the most important thing to remember, we’re now going to give you some advice on how to overcome your initial inhibitions and enjoy sex to the fullest.

Get into some saucy lingerie, but avoid anything that’s too skimpy. Your best bet is a corset style lingerie, which will keep the waist cinched in while adding firmness to your breasts at the same time. Garter belts and thigh high stockings can also be used to disguise fat thighs.

Wear stilettos or some other high heeled sandals to strut around naked or semi naked in front of your man. High heels will add elegance to your walk, at the same time as they will make you look a bit taller which will eventually make you look less bulky.

There is no need to turn off the lights, just dim them a little or give the place a different look with candle lights. When the lights are a bit dim, you won’t feel too conscious about your fat and also your man will be able to see only the major curves of your body and not the ugly fat chunks or cellulite deposits.