Sensuous Looking Feet

spa_pedicure Our feet are not just important but they’re also a very interesting part of our body. Even before the babies learn to walk, most parents begin shoving their feet into tiny leather shoes, boots or even joggers to keep them protected. I guess that’s quite acceptable, because feet too have their aesthetic value.

But as we grow up and begin walking on our feet, somewhere we tend to ignore their health and begin taking them for granted. But do remember, that your feet are not just a mode to help you move from one place to another, but there’s much more to them, especially when you’re a woman.

Most women realize about the aesthetic value of their feet only when they grow up and find that there’s a strong sexual element associated with the feet. That’s when the awakening comes that your feet have more relevance than just being a balancing tool or a mobility appendage.

In general, a woman’s feet are always prettier than a man’s feet, and that could be one probable reason for the common obsession of foot fetish seen in men. There are several ancient cultures, in which a lot of attention was paid to preserving the beauty of a woman’s feet. For instance, in China women were made to wear heavy metal shoes so as to keep their feet size small and to give them the right shape.

Now that we’ve already emphasized on how important it is to keep your feet in good shape, let’s talk a little about the do’s and don’ts of regular feet care.

Whether your feet look sexy or down right repulsive, it’s all entirely up to you. So first things first, ensure that your feet are always clean and that becomes even more imperative when you want to slip into sandals or other shoe styles which reveal more of your feet.

Like the rest of your skin, the skin of your feet also needs to breathe and keeping your shoes on, all day long, deprives your feet of that much needed air. And giving your feet the time to breathe becomes even more important during the sweaty summer months.

Now as for sensuality, your toenails must be well-groomed and the feet skin should be soft and supple. Before you shape up your toenails, brush them with some soapy water to make them more manageable. And after shaping them, rub some olive oil onto them to produce a lustrous and healthy shine. Also, you can use Foot Care lotions to fight fungal infections and keep your feet skin well moisturized.

Sidharth Thakur