Sensational Spectacles

Gone are the days when people made fun of you for wearing spectacles and called you by all those funny names. Wearing spectacles has come out to be the latest fashion trends, and you can find several women wearing zero number spectacles in attractive frames to spice up their looks. So wearing spectacles does not mean that you have a sight related problem, rather it has become the latest fashion accessory.

Even as opticians can offer you the best advice on what style and what color of frame would go well on you, based on the shape of your face, we also have some guidelines that can help you in deciding which spectacle is the perfect fit for you.

The first point of consideration is how comfortable as the frame, and that can be determined by how nicely the bridge of the frame sits on your nose. If the bridge is too wide your spectacle may keep slipping down every now and then leaving you irritated. On the other hand too tight a bridge will leave depressions on the skin of your nose. If you have a short nose, settle for a bridge with sits high on your nose, and if your nose is long pickup one with a bridge that can be positioned a bit lower.

When confused about what should be the shape of the frame, go by a very basic rule which suggests that the frame should match the shape of your eyebrows. The other thing which is most vital to deciding about the shape of the spectacle frame is the face cut or the shape of the face. If you have a small face a shallow frame will suit you better, and when you have a long face structure settle for deeper frames. Those with square faces look best with frames with have heavy corners and if you’re the lucky one with an oval face you can just about pick up any shape that you like.

The last bit of advice is that whatever frame you choose, be sure that it is not obstructing your sight, especially around the corners.

Sidharth Thakur