Semi Permanent Birth Control Measures


Since unwanted pregnancies are such a big scare, most young couples make sure they do enough research on the topic of birth control, to pick up the most effective birth control measure. Everyone is familiar with the regular birth control options like condoms, pills and spermicides. But with all these options there’s one major problem, and that is these must be used regularly.

The woman must have her birth control pills every day, because skipping even for a day or two can end up in her becoming pregnant. Also, the pills are a cumbersome job, because you need to have them every day as per the schedule given on the pack, and for this the women has to keep exact track of her menstrual cycle. And as for condoms and spermicides, these need to be used each and every time before having sex. And if even once you forget to use them, in the heat of passion, you can end up getting pregnant.

Most newly web couples, are always on a look out for some birth control measure which is more long lasting than the ones we’ve just talked about. And here are two options which work as a long term birth control measure.


These come in the form of six tiny capsules in one pack, and these need to be implanted in the woman’s arm. These pills release hormones in to the blood stream gradually over the years, and these hormones prevent the woman from getting pregnant. This contraception technique usually lasts for about five years, which means you can enjoy as much sex as you want for the next five years without the fear of getting pregnant. That certainly sounds wonderful, and with a 96% success rate you may want to consider this alternative. However, be warned that this method is invasive and a small incision will be made on your arm to insert the pills. Also, the treatment is a bit costly and it offers no protection against STDs.


This is available in an injection form, and once injected it provides protection for a period of three moths. The success rate of this method is as high as 99%, but still most women don’t prefer this because of its one major side effect, which is weight gain. Also, just like the one above this procedure is also a bit costly and it offers no protection against STDs and AIDS.

Sidharth Thakur