Self Tanning Guide

With the danger of natural tanning elevating every year, self-tanning is a safe alternative.

However, the number one complaint about self-tanning lotions is the odor. This makes some people continue to expose themselves to the harmful tanning rays of the sun.

St. Tropez, the leader in high quality self-tanners has listened to consumers. Earlier this year, it launched the Aromaguard Technology. This breakthrough technology reduces sunless tanning lotion odor by up to 70%.

Featured in all St. Tropez tanning products, the technology utilizes headspace and thermal desorption analysis to absorb the odor causing molecules out of the air. This means, less odor molecules are on the user’s skin.

How Aromaguard Techonology Works:

To produce this revolutionary technology scientists had to first understand why there was such a pungent odor. Scientists found that the same chemical reaction between the active ingredient, DHA and collagen that produced the wonderful, sunless glow also produced the unpleasant smell.

The potency and duration of the smell varied according to an individual’s body chemistry. The odor also tended to be stronger with men, maybe because their skin has more collagen.

Understanding this reaction led to this scientific development, allowing inventors to create a new chemical reaction. The new chemical featured in the Aromaguard technology reacts with the small odor producing molecules to become larger molecules that do not smell. The new reaction may also produce a molecule of a different shape that does not offend the nose.

Aromaguard Technology Tested and Approved:

A research team from CPL Aromas in Bishop’s Stratford, UK, led by Ted Whiteley invented this new technology. Professional sniffers tested the product and reported a 70 per cent decrease in the unpleasant smell. The smell now reacts with a person’s collagen to create an enjoyable fragrance that enhances the sunless tanning experience.

St. Tropez Continues to Build a Strong Reputation:

St. Tropez has built a reputation among celebrities and fashion and beauty executives as the best for self-tanning and skin finishing products. Now it has reenergized the self-tanning experience. Included in its sunless tanning collection are items for any tan, light or dark.

And with the new Aromaguard technology, St. Tropez gives more options than ever for individuals seeking a tan and they have eliminated the old excuse of the foul smell. Now everyone can tan freely, safely and without the tell-tale odor.