Self-Defense Lessons For Your Daughter

However sad or infuriating it is, but we cannot close our eyes to the fact that the propensity of physical assaults on women by hooligans has been on a constant rise. We can talk of all the brighter things like economic growth, higher employment rates, higher literacy percentage, women empowerment and women scaling high in the corporate ladder but none of these can sideline the fact that most women still have to go through eve-teasing, molestation and other forms of physical attack. And as sad as it can get, the scene is even worse when it comes to younger females.

When women who are short on physical strength and power have to confront physically stronger men and that too with malevolent intentions, the end result is quite scary. Every now and then there are articles in newspapers talking about this male vandalism inflicted upon young innocent girls.

If you are a mother of a daughter, and your daughter needs to go out of home for college or office, you spend endless hours worrying about her safety when she’s not home. It’s quite natural and that is how a mother’s heart goes for her kids. We know that not every young woman can fall prey to an untoward incident still the old proverb “better safe than sorry” holds a lot of relevance in this context. And so we come down to the idea of teaching young girls the art of self-defense.

Take the first step, and find out where you can send her for a martial arts course. There are scores of ads in the newspapers which can help you in finding a good self-defense course. Self defense courses go a long way in enhancing the self confidence of young girls while empowering them with martial art skills to combat attackers, bare handedly. While teaching your daughter how to strike the attacker, the course also helps them to learn to ward off shock and terror that is associated with sudden attacks.

The self-defense courses will teach your daughter about the different possible situations that she can land into and the correct approach to deal with each situation. So go on and enroll your daughter for a self-defense course today.

Sidharth Thakur