Selecting A Massage Therapist, Male Or Female?

If you have ever opted for a massage you know what all questions may cloud your mind. One of them is whether you should go in for a male therapist or a female therapist, depending on whether you are a male or a female. It is obvious that a female would feel safe and secure with a female therapist and vice versa unless there are homosexual issues.

So when you are visiting a therapy clinic, you are often asked this question on your preference of the therapist’s gender. In the business of massage therapy, according to research, there are more female therapists and it has been found out that both female and men clients prefer female therapists.

People feel quite vulnerable when they are without clothes and they must feel safe. Women do not feel at ease with male therapists. People are often worried that their massage would lean on the sexual side of it and often men are worried about men being gay. Many men often find the touch of a female soothing and they can relax while taking a massage.

The massage therapists are trained in such a way that they respect the boundaries and also proper ways to cover and drapes are used. Male therapists are often not popular compared to women as they are not as soft as smooth as women are in their massage techniques.

But spa-goers who have been used to taking massages for long don’t really care for females or males. They would rather go for therapists who are experienced and are real good at their work. Some spa goers may often prefer a male massage therapist as the therapist would have more strength and they are good with such massages as the deep tissue massage which is quite different from the usual soothing Swedish massage.

It has been researched that the gay men are more of spa goers and they prefer male massage therapists obviously. In cases of obscene happenings while taking a spa massage you should always be standing up for yourself and reporting in case of vulgar act. You have spent for the massage and it is your right to have a wonderful spa massage experience.