Seductive Red Lips

lips-with-lipstick Red is the color which has always been associated with passion and desire, still most women aren’t quite comfortable choosing bright and vivid tones of red to color their lips.

When you want to look sexy and when you want to attract men, bright red lips are a must have. Still for various reasons most women are not too sure about whether they can carry bright red lips with perfect aplomb.

However, let me assure you here that it’s no big feat to paint your lips in bright red and make this vibrant color add some instant sensuousness to your overall outlook.

Let’s begin with the basics

The most important thing is to pick a shade of red that will complement your skin color. Based on your skin tone you can choose plum reds if your skin has a pinkish tinge and warmer reds with mild undertones of brown if your skin is somewhat yellowish. If your skin tone is somewhat pale, bright red lipstick may make your lips to pout, so stick to some medium tones of red.

Always remember that red lip makeup will make your lips seem bigger and more prominent, so play around with some bright crimson tones of red to add volume to your thin lips. However when your lips are a bit thicker, avoid the brighter shades and pick up the muted shades of red.

The little bits that will help

To get the best effect, always layer your lips with some foundation and then dust some face powder over your lips before you proceed with the lip makeup. To begin, with the lip makeup, pick up a lip liner in a shade which matches the lipstick shade, and carefully mark the outlines of your lips.

The best way to color your lips is to fill in the lip color using a lip brush instead of applying the stick directly onto your lips. Use a tissue to blot out the first coat, and then proceed with the second coat and finally apply some red lip gloss on the top.

Go ahead, and wear some red on your lips and your boyfriend is sure to feel tempted to kiss your ripe red lips.

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Sidharth Thakur