Seduce Him With Your Perfumes

dating In the midst of a crowded street, someone just passes by you and you smell a tantalizing scent that hits your nerves in the most sensuous way. Even before your body realizes it, you just turn around to catch a glimpse of the person wearing that fragrance. That’s how magical and seductive perfumes can be!

In some of the studies it has come out that smells and fragrances have the strongest senses that will stay in your memory for much longer than even visual sights. Now that we know how scents can be used to create an unforgettable impression, why not take advantage of fragrances and make some subtle and sensuous impressions on people around you, particularly the men.

What fragrances to buy

The most important thing to consider when buying perfumes is the personality that you wish to portrait, i.e. sexy, subtle, confident, and playful and so on. Also, going with the season makes a lot of sense because citrus and floral scents or more pleasing during the hotter season, while woody and musk fragrances have a lovely warming effect which is much preferred during winters.  Apart from the regular perfume bottles, it’s a nice idea to spend some money on travel-sized vials which you can easily carry in your purse.

Where all to use

If you haven’t met him for a while, and are planning to write him a letter, then you can spray a bit of your favorite perfume onto the paper to make his urge to meet you, stronger.

If you want man to feel and think about you even when you come back home after your first date with him, try this little trick of borrowing some article of his clothing, say his jacket to wear for a while.

Some of the perfume that’s already on your clothes and your body will get absorbed by the jacket, and when he’s back in his house he’ll still feel close to you because of the particular scent he will be getting from his jacket. And in case you’re spending some time in his apartment, just linger in his bed for a little longer so that his bedding smells of you.

As for regular usage, apart from applying the fragrance to your dress, dab a little bit of it behind your ears and on your wrists, so that the scents can make excite him when he hugs or caresses you.