Secrets to Timeless Style

There are certain styles that will never go out of fashion. This is not because they are trendy or hip it is because they have a way of accentuating your body and curves and featuring your best assets.

Here are some of the tips on timeless fashion:

When it comes to timeless style a neckline is very flattering. This is because it accentuates the face and neck and it grabs attention to the upper body. The V neckline and the portrait neckline focus attention on femininity. These are necklines that have stood the test of time. These necklines look good on any woman between a size 2 to 14; they are brilliant for those who work with hectic schedules.

If you want to get maximum flattery then you need to get a monochromatic look from head to foot. This means you wear a single color from your neck down. Though most women prefer to wear black as it is slimming any dark neutral color will give you that effect. Team up a monochromatic look with stilettos.

The layered look or the three layered look works well to cover up any tell tale signs that you may not want to reveal. This style also works to create movement in your look and increases comfort.

In order to have a timeless piece in your wardrobe you need to have an article of clothing that fits you well. This means this piece of clothing needs to be tailored to fit your body shape. This will accentuate your curves and make you look like a million bucks.

You need to start cleaning out your closet to find those pieces of timeless classics that are lurking in the dark. Look for those that you fit in with ease; those that do not cause any discomfort and those that can be worn daily. Any items that are faded and nor in a good condition needs to be tossed.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules when it comes to fashion. Remember, fashion means wearing the things that you are most comfortable in. Yes, you need to follow the fashion basics like no sneakers when you are wearing pearls and other trends however don’t be afraid to make a few changes to regular fashion trends.

Trendy accessories that are timeless classics include pearl sets, precious and semi precious stones and a few articles of junk jewelry. In addition to this you need to have a collection of bags; this includes summer bags, night bags, clutches and hobos. Shoes are another type of accessory that you must have in your closet.