Secrets To Improve Eyesight Revealed

Secrets To Improve Eyesight

Secrets To Improve Eyesight Sight is one of the five components of our sensory system. However, nearly eighty percent of our sensory input is obtained through vision. Most people tend to take their perfect eyesight for granted.

As a result more and more people are struggling with poor vision today. There is a general misconception that eyesight deteriorates with advancing age alone. This is indeed a myth as spending too much time watching television, playing computer games and reading in poor light can destroy our vision. Even environmental toxins have a negative impact on our eyesight.

Eyes Our Most Precious Possession

A detailed survey that was conducted recently revealed that nearly half a million Americans are losing their eyesight every year. This figure just reveals a fraction of the problems that Americans are facing as concerns their vision. A whopping eighty million people in the United States are suffering from various eye diseases which have significantly increased their chances of losing their vision at some point or the other in their lifetime.

Besides macular degenerative diseases like glaucoma, cataract and dry eye disease which can cause vision problems, there are some important mistakes that we make which can increase our chances of losing our vision. These include looking at a fixed spot for a long period of time without moving our eyes, not focusing properly and not using the peripheral vision enough.

Most of the above mentioned mistakes are normally made by individuals who tend to spend hours focusing on the computer or the television. In fact excessive television and computer viewing is one of the topmost causes of vision loss among young Americans.

Steps to Improve Eyesight

There are numerous ways that one can improve vision. A good vision is necessary to lead a happy and full life. Instead of opting for medicines or surgery one can adopt simple lifestyle changes which will help to improve vision drastically. Some of the simple steps that one can adopt to improve their eyesight have been reveled through this article.

Eat For Good Vision

One of the best ways to ensure that you have perfect vision through out your life is to include foods containing essential vitamins like A, B, C, D and E into your daily diet. These vitamins are extremely important to maintain eye health. Research has shown that people who are deficient in these vitamins are twice as likely to lose their vision as compared to individuals who eat foods rich in these vitamins.

Most of these essential vitamins can be derived from food sources alone. However if you are not able to meet the daily requirement of the essential vitamins like A, B, C, D and E through food then you can opt for a good vitamin supplement. A cod liver oil capsule a day can help people to meet their vitamin A requirement.

Carrots, spinach and cantaloupe are few examples of foods rich in vitamin A. Eating a diet that is rich in whole grains and colored vegetables can help a person to meet vitamin B requirements. Including a kiwi fruit a day will ensure that your vitamin C requirements for good vision are met. Spinach, tomatoes and mangoes are few food sources rich in vitamin E.

Another good way to improve your eyesight is to eat foods which are rich in sulphur. Foods which are rich in sulphur contain an important antioxidant called Glutathione that can help to protect the eyes from the damage caused by free radicals. Some of the foods which are rich in sulphur include cruciferous vegetables, watermelon, avocadoes, onion and garlic.

People who eat egg yolks are able to maintain good vision through out their life. This is because egg yolks contain Zeaxanthin and Lutein to powerful antioxidantswhich belongs to the carotenoid family. Taking daily supplements of the amino acid Taurine and eating foods which are rich in anthocyanin like goji berries, blue berries and grapes are also good ways to improve and protect ones vision. Eating fatty fish which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can also help to improve ones eyesight.

Exercise Your Eyes

Like you exercise your body for good health, it is extremely important to exercise your eyes on a regular basis. Before starting on any eye exercise it is recommended to rub your palms together and place them against your eyes for at least five minutes. The warmth which is transferred from your hands to your eyes can help to provide relief to tired eyes. This simple exercise can also improve blood circulation around the eye region.

Rolling the eyes is also known to relieve eye strain. You can start by rolling the eyeballs clockwise to a count of ten. Take a break and now roll the eyeballs counterclockwise the same number of times. Another exercise which is known to improve vision and reduce eyes strain is the habit of alternately staring at objects which are place at a distance and those that are placed very near. This exercise which is very effective for people who overly strain their eyes has to be done about ten times every day.

Reduce Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Regular exposure to environmental toxins can take a toll on your vision. Swimming in pools which contain chlorinated water, staring for long periods at computer monitors and TV screens, exposure to cigarette smoke and fumes from automobiles can harm person’s visions. Regularly rubbing ones eyes after being exposed to dust and smoke pollutants can further damage vision. The best way to cleanse the eyes after being exposed to polluting agents is to wash the eyes with a mild saline solution.

Wear Good Quality Sunglasses

It is very important to protect your eyes against the harsh sunlight with a pair of good quality eyeglasses. Excessive exposure to the blinding rays of the sun can damage vision. However while choosing eyewear go in for quality over price. Go in for good quality Polaroid eyeglasses which provide complete protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

The Importance of Rest and Recuperation

To improve and maintain proper vision give your eyes adequate rest. Don’t strain your eyes excessively as too much eye strain can cause vision to deteriorate. There is nothing like a good nights sleep to maintain ones vision.

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