Secret To Good Gums

There are numerous products available in the market for promoting health. Everyone is busy getting good hair, shiny skin, great torso, and various different other wellness methodologies.

However, no one cares to consider the wellness of the mouth. The mouth after all is considered to be the gateway to all that good health which we so much strive to achieve. Healthy gums are the passage to a healthy body.

The treatment of diseases of the gum by practicing proper oral hygiene is a sure shot way of preventing a lot of ill health coming our way including the dreaded cardiac attack, even impotence, strokes, wrinkles and as well some kinds of cancerous growths, including pregnancy complications.

Some new findings suggest some foods and practicing some healthy methods that are a good way towards healthy gums.

Eating curd consistently helps. People consuming a plenty of dairy foodstuffs have a less chance of getting any gum disease. Some Japanese researchers have recently shown studies suggesting lactic acid present in food like that of cheese and curd helps in a good gum condition.

The good bacteria present in dairy products work as a controlling factor against the augmentation of bad bacteria. A regular consumption of even a quarter cup curd each day can help reduce a lot of health related risks.

Smoking is another major cause of a lot of gum diseases. The toxic substances like “nicotinamide adenine tri-phosphate” present in tobacco smoke can stop the body’s natural ability of fighting inflammation.

Chewing gums especially those that are approved by the “American Dental Association” are a good way to avoid cigarettes. Orbit and Eclipse are the two of such gums that would not only help in fighting bad habits but also chewing them for around twenty minutes thrice daily helps in increasing the flow of saliva in one’s mouth. Saliva in turn helps in killing “plague acid”.

Saliva as well helps in improving the amount of calcium in the teeth along with fluoride and phosphate –minerals helping in strengthening of the enamel of the tooth and also preventing against cavities.

Chewing gums can as well help burning calories along with helping tooth health. It has been proven in a research by scientists of “Mayo Clinic” that, chewing of sugar-free gums at a speed of around hundred times per minute would help in burning around seventy kilocalories each hour.

This practice helps in improving the metabolic rate of a person to around twenty percent. Iced tea especially the one that is brewed green tea, gives wonderful health benefits and is abundant in anti-oxidants helping in improving gum health.