Scarves, Your Fashion Statement This Fall

winter-Scarves Scarves are the choice for many women during the Fall and in the hard wintry days when you need something to keep you warm around the neck. Besides scarves is also a fashion statement.

The scarves are long and traditional shaped, some of them and there are also scarves that are even longer like the shawl. The scarves as an accessory item bring the extra zing to your fashion. It could bring a lot of color to bleak winter fashion. Your winter days would no more be dull but rather vibrant and colorful with that extra dash of color on your scarves.

The long scarves were generally a monopoly of the European fashion and culture. They would be worn in many different fashions. Some simply wore them around the neck while some had it crossed in the front at the neck. A pin would be added like the broach to make it look even more flattering.

A long scarf would be ideal to wear with a sweater but definitely not long coats and fur coats that are not good choices for wearing with scarves.
If you want to be a bit funkily dressed, here is an option.

Why not drape a long skirt in the most traditional way and then wrap a scarf around the neck in vibrant colors. The scarves could be long and slender and they could be tied like neck ties around the neck. You could take the help of a friend to tie the knot for you in case you don’t know how to do that. You could do with square designs on the scarf big or small, they look good.

You could also have square shaped shawls that you can drape around the neck. The materials of the scarf could be silk, polyester, cotton, wool and it could have some adornments in form of bells and tassels but depending on the dress and the shoes you wear.

When you have chosen some good scarves to wear with your dresses learn specific styles of wearing them and those which suit the dress that you wear. Make the scarf wearing style your insignia so that you stand out amidst your friends and family. That way you can make scarves your style statement gradually.

The scarves as an accessory bring the extra zing to your fashion. You could do with square designs on the scarf big or small, they look good.