Say Good Bye To Your Breakup Blues

breakuprealtion Here are three things that will help you in recovering from the blues of a breakup.

Avoid his domain

It’s best to avoid venturing into your ex’s territory, at least for the first few weeks, after the heartbreak. By his territory we mean the places which he usually frequents.

Seeing him again and again is going to bring back the sad memories of the breakup, and will make it difficult for you to forget the past episodes. It’s even more distressing to see your ex having a ball, while you are completely shattered inside.

If you both have common friends, then it might help to cut off contacts with these friends temporarily, if they normally end up talking about your ex and your sordid love ballad. Hang out in new places, as new scenes and new people will keep the breakup related thoughts at bay.

Think of all the bad experiences

If your thoughts keep getting back to the relationship and the breakup, and you think time and again about getting your ex back into your life, think about all the bad experiences you have had with him.

Think of times when you have hated his company or his attitude, for instance the time he insulted you in public or when he argued with you over trivial matters.  You will soon realize how good it is that he is no more around you. You will slowly begin feeling good that the bad times are over.

Write a hate letter

Pick up a pen and some papers, and sit down to write a hate letter to your ex. Write about how disgusting he was, how miserable it was to be living with him and how terrible a person he is.

Go elaborate and fill in the papers with all the negative things about him. When you are done with it, just burn off the letters and don’t even think about sending them over to him. It will make you feel lighter, while giving you a chance to vent out your anger.

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Sidharth Thakur