Saving On Wedding Expenses

Wedding planning and organizing has become a large industry in itself, and with the kind of pomp and show that is seen in most weddings today, it is one hell of a task to plan for a wedding, on a tight budget. And since most people do not have the kind of budget that is needed for the ostentatious display, we’ve put up here are a few tips to help you save money, while you still get to enjoy a splendid wedding.

Choosing the right time

Choosing the right time and the right date can easily help you save a few thousand dollars. Mostly the wedding season begins around mid of spring and lasts till about mid of autumn and planning your wedding outside this season time will be quite a pleasant affair, for your pocket. While no banquet halls and wedding planners are willing to offer you any discounts during the peak season, in the off-season they are all willing to negotiate and offer you considerable discounts.

Seeing as, most weddings are held during the weekend, choosing any other day of the week will again get you a good discount on the wedding venue charges. And even if you want to host your wedding on a weekend avoid Saturdays, and opt for Friday or Sunday, since Saturday happens to be the busiest day of the week in terms of weddings.

Saving on your wedding cake

Beautifully decorated, tiered wedding cakes are undoubtedly the center of attraction for the guests.  However the more elaborate they are, the more they pinch your pocket. To save money on your wedding cake get a small two tiered cake that can be that can be used for the ceremonial cutting by the newly wed couple, and get one sheet cake in similar icing which can be kept in the kitchen and served from there to the guests. The guests won’t realize the difference, and you’ll end up saving nearly half the money that you would spend on an elaborate tiered cake.

Go wise with your choice of flowers

Exotic and off-season flowers cost more, so look for flowers which are in season and are native to your area. And ask your florist to put in a lot of greens into the arrangement, so that the arrangement requires less of flowers and still does a good coverage. Flowers are in great demand during holidays, which leads to escalated prices, so avoid planning your wedding around the holidays.

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Sidharth Thakur