Save your Time with These Quick Make Up Tricks

You are a busy woman and you cannot afford hours in front of the mirror before you head out to a party. Does that mean you can never have some make up on you to spice up your looks? No way!

What you need to do is to know some really fast and time-saving make up tricks that will cost you the minimal of your time and yet help you look even more gorgeous than you are. What are they? Let us take a look.

A basic must have in your make up kitty should be blotting papers. For that extra shiny nose or the gleaming corner of your forehead, blotting papers always come to immediate rescue. Just dab appropriately and you can easily smoothen out the uneven tones on your skin.

One of the quickest ways for a clear skin is to shroud the blemishes, dark circles and zits. The ready answer is a Concealer; a quick and effective tool to let your skin achieve a polished look. All you need to do is to apply the required amount and blend it evenly throughout the necessary areas of your skin with your finger.

Eyes are such features which can give you a lot of limelight. So, if you can afford to not spend a lot of time on your skin, pay attention to your eyes. Use a little shadow and liner in exotic colors like bronze, copper, plum, violet etc in accordance to your eye color. Enlivening the eyes is one of the quicker tricks to look great and steal the thunder.

Tidy and arched brows create quite an impression and amidst all the hustle and bustle on skin and eyes, people often forget to consider that. Use your tweezers and get rid of the extra hair that sticks out from the line of the perfectly arched eyebrows. You can choose to darken by using an eye pencil for eyebrows that really look prominent and well shaped.

Let the dry harder crust on the top of your lipstick soften by warming it with a blower or a hair drier. This way, when you use it on your lips, the color melts more easily.

Easy to follow and quick make up tricks for a more ravishing you!

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