Save Your Child From Obesity

obesityinchildren Today is the when about 30 % of children are suffering from obesity, weight issues or diabetes. Even a recent survey concludes that the kids health issues are result of less consumption of fruits and vegetables.

A survey by National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity, just 1% of teenagers are consuming 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. That means 1 out of five younger children and 1 out of 20 older children are taking enough vegetables.

Girls, who are from 12 to 16 don’t intake sufficient amount of calcium or magnesium which is must for them in future. Some researches also said that the whole attention of children is just over saturated fat and over sugar. So, that is the reason majority of the m are found suffering from any of he diseases. Following are the tips that can help you to make your child stay away from less nutritious foods.

Target Fruits and Vegetables – Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the best thing for those who want to get the nutrition. You can make fruit salad and also add yogurt and honey to it and decorate it in attractive way to lure your child. For those whose children don’t like to fruit in any way, fruit juice is the best option. You can have vegetables as snacks along with main meal.

Water – According to a survey, children prefer taking liquids more as compared to solids. Make fresh fruit juices or you can also prepare vegetable soups as these are healthy as well as tasty too.

Make their Mind- Children are used to learn everything very fast and it is also said that the thing they learn in their early period remember them in their whole life. So, you have to make the mind of your child that fruits and vegetables are most healthy and tasty as compared to chips and biscuits. Prefer juices in place of soft drinks.

Calcium-Prepare any of the dish, you can season the dish with calcium rich products like dried fruits and nuts. It can also be taken with dairy items or with calcium- fortified soy.

Cut Fat- you should cut down the intake of meat, cake and biscuits as they are source of saturated fat which shows ill affects to the health.

Stay Active- For healthy physique, exercise is must and if you don’t have time to exercise, you can encourage you children to be active. For this, you have to limit watching TV, video game and computer time as it helps you to be active.